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Project Description
A WPF client for managing files on your Windows Azure Blob Storage account available as a stand-alone application and as an extension for Visual Studio 2010. Of course, in Visual Basic 2010

Azure Blob Studio 2011 is a WPF application written in Visual Basic 2010 which allows developers to easily manage files on their Blob Storage service on Windows Azure, for both the local Developer Account and your own account on the Internet.
Settings for your account are stored within My.Settings instead of the configuration file (see notices in the code about using App.config instead).

The application is available in two versions:

- stand-alone WPF client
- extension for Visual Studio 2010

You can:
  • Work with both the developer and on-line accounts
  • Create containers (folders)
  • Upload multiple blobs (files)
  • Remove containers
  • Remove multiple blobs
  • Retrieve URI for each blob
  • Copy the blob's URI to the clipboard right-clicking the Blob's name
  • Retrieve metadata
  • Open blobs via URI




Visual Studio extension:


Future plans: in future versions we should be able to syncronize the Developer Account with the on-line service.

Full Visual Basic 2010 source code provided

Developed by Alessandro Del Sole, Microsoft MVP
You can visit my Italian language blog or my English language blog

Feel free to send feedbacks or suggestions!

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